Parenting Skills

Parenting can really be sane! “The success of family management with children with ADHD Challenges rests with the education and involvement of their parents.” Today’s parents make more decisions than is fun. Private parent sessions provide a gentle and consistent way to develop a fulfilling parent/child relationship through the mindful practice of parental problem-solving using […]

Does the Dalai Lama Live with ADHD?

Eastern Attention Develops in the West Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia is becoming known as Tibet West. Together with professors at Emory, the Dalai Lama has cultivated an academic exchange relationship spanning over twenty years. A goal of this academic and scientific collaboration of Emory professors and Tibetan monks is to develop a new scientific vocabulary […]

My Personal ADHD Challenges – FYI

Living with Some Degree of Transparency and Lots of Compassion There are life qualifications and there are academic qualifications leading to my choice of  professional ADHD Coaching. I choose to put some of my personal stories out here since my recovery from them are part of the reason I decided to coach people with ADHD. You […]

Attention Workshop Starting in July

Create a New Relationship with Attention Our Energy/Attention Flows Naturally When We Live as Beings of Light Learn to Nurture Your Attention In this introductory workshop series we’ll use the ‘Living as Light’ workbook by Brent Baum for the 12 Principles of Manifestation. You’ll learn: the relationship between body/mind memories the value of DayDreams how […]

Thriving with Attention

  Twenty minutes of sunshine and fresh air (with a little pollen) and three dogs are walked. They aren’t winded even though it’s been weeks since I’ve walked them. My boys thrive with attention. They don’t ask for much more than a daily routine of caring attention. The more attention they receive the more content […]