The pursuit of goals can produce highly unmanageable emotions that often may get in the way of your success. What would it be like to have a dedicated listener,  someone who will give you their complete attention without interruption? Someone who promises to keep the focus on your intentions? A professional who will hold your own sometimes opposing points of view until you are ready to look into your heart and to move forward, to release a block?

My coaching and therapy provide:

  • focused brain-based information, to discuss any aspects of your overall health that interferes with your attention, to present new science and professional views on how to achieve personal achievement goals
  • a non-judgmental approach to personal growth and achievement
  • a healing relationship through which you find safety and encouragement for change

About Me
My educational background and 18 years of experience have prepared me for having complex conversations without prejudice or judgment.  Studies in brain-based emotional, attentional, and executive function challenges allow me to offer you the most current information on brain-based science and brain challenge treatments. In addition to traditional methodologies, I also include non-traditional approaches such as mindfulness in my work with clients. While the coaching experience is often goal-oriented, we will also focus on the emotional aspects of your issues.

About My Clients
Many clients in my practice have attention challenges such that distracting conversations are normal. In our sessions, it is typical for my clients to interrupt or forget what they were saying.  It is sometimes difficult for them to stay on topic because an interesting thought interrupts the conversational flow. I  know this is a challenge that my clients deal with throughout their days, which they find both physically and emotionally uncomfortable. This discomfort interferes with their personal, social, and relationship success and happiness. My work with clients allows them to develop their emotional resilience and emotional strength so that they may create new emotional skills and strategies useful to deal effectively with their life experiences.  

Many of my clients are dealing with symptoms of ADHD, which may be actually diagnosed or occur as a temporary reaction to situational challenges. Whatever the cause, my clients grow by learning to reframe, refocus and reconnect with their own attention and intentions. I work to help them learn to gather their diverse thoughts and express them coherently which enhances their behavior in the area of attention and intention.

My clients generally have a few functional diagnoses, sometimes known as dual diagnoses. I support their learning to separate out non-functional behaviors, to understand their brain’s strengths and weaknesses, and the end-point relevance to their personal experience and needs. Together we work to develop functional and thoughtful action. I believe humans are designed to change to adapt as needed, and I honor that they are creative, resourceful, and whole and still seek a current growth experience.

In addition to ADHD, my clients also may present with issues such as anxiety, panic, depression, grief, academic challenges,  PTSD, or concussion syndrome. Job loss, academic failure, marital challenges such as divorce or family disruption, jail, injury, and sports failure are commonly addressed and processed.

I coach couples, and families to deal effectively with challenging children of all ages, teens, and young adults from important issues to the ones that are chronic but irritating such as dealing with the ‘kid’ who won’t get off the couch and doesn’t appear to be motivated.

Contact me today at 404-713-0488  for a virtual appointment.