My Personal ADHD Challenges – FYI

Living with Some Degree of Transparency and Lots of Compassion

Stop the ADHD Madness
Stop the ADHD Madness

There are life qualifications and there are academic qualifications leading to my choice of  professional ADHD Coaching. I choose to put some of my personal stories out here since my recovery from them are part of the reason I decided to coach people with ADHD. You don’t have to wait as long as I did to get the right ADHD support.

You can thrive with ADHD!

During my almost 60 years of living with ADHD I have:

  • struggled academically; but I am presently enrolled in a master’s program in counseling with a 3.56 GPA
  • impulsively moved out of state looking for love (in my twenties);
  • impulsively changed careers;
  • impulsively spoken out of turn (otherwise known as interruption)
  • been estranged from family
  • fixed things with words and love; with screw drivers and hammers; with needle and thread; and with compassion.
  • been the class dreamer…’if only Maureen would pay more attention to her studies…’
  • applied and been accepted in three master’s programs. I left architecture when I realized I was being trained for a life of late nights and ridiculous deadlines. I became a magazine editor instead.
  • irritated the heck out of people with my hyperactivity…leg shaking, finger tapping, leg crossing and uncrossing, etc.
  • been married and divorced due to challenges with relationships and ADHD
  • successfully raised two children with severe plus-sized ADHD. My daughter now teaches at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She is happily married. My son is finishing his B.A. in music technology and film composition and has an AA from Landmark College. He has already composed a score for his first feature film!
  • lost many friends but gained the wisdom of how to choose the ones that stick around through thick and thin.
  • I show up as a woman swimming in a sea of family addictions. There is not one addiction I haven’t heard about or more importantly, known someone or been related to someone seeking treatment or someone who should seek treatment. Try me!
  • been fired. I have also known great personal success in my professional history.
  • been bullied.
  • designed clothes, words, jewelry, portraits, home interiors, gardens, businesses and more, all with love and compassion
  • created solutions
  • been physically assaulted. More than once.
  • been encouraged to seek more education because I was seen as underemployed.
  • invented, created, composed, written, edited, and drawn.
  • not believed in myself.
  • lost God and found God over and over. My belief is there is a special place in the universe for people with ADHD. I have particular personal knowledge of Catholicism, Episcopalianism, and Buddhism.
  • had great financial comfort and less than that, too.

In addition, I have family experience with Holocaust survivors.

If any of the above sounds familiar, I may be the ADHD coach for you.

You too, can move past and through these challenges and maintain personal integrity.

Call me at 404-713-0488 and let’s stop the madness.

Maureen Nolan

Your Attention Coach