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Maureen Muses on Attention

Musings on Attention

Maureen’s Musings on Attention

What Is Attention?

Attention is as important as Food, Shelter, and Clothing. Without attention, it’s not possible to obtain and keep the necessities of life. For instance, can you provide food, shelter, and clothing for your family when you don’t think clearly? Maureen has a specialty working with clients with attention challenges including those recovering from concussion syndrome.

Maureen sees the time when students entering school will be tested for their hearing, their vision, and for their attention. Without food, we can’t pay attention any more than we can read the school board if we need glasses. Attention is intricately linked to both and is critical for academic success.

Maureen Nolan, M.A.C.C. is a therapist and life coach who specializes on how to live with and thrive while managing your attention and ADHD/LD. She works in Decatur, Georgia and on the phone. Her clients range from local to Dubai. Maureen is only a phone call away for your questions on your state of attention.

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Does the Dalai Lama Live with ADHD?

Eastern Attention Develops in the West

The Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama as a child

Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia is becoming known as Tibet West. Together with professors at Emory, the Dalai Lama has cultivated an academic exchange relationship spanning over twenty years. A goal of this academic and scientific collaboration of Emory professors and Tibetan monks is to develop a new scientific vocabulary in the Tibetan language in order for the monks and nuns to be able to learn cell biology, an academic topic never before offered to them. The Dalai Lama initiated this pairing to better understand the universe and the value of Buddhism as it applies to creation and to enlightenment (this is my interpretation of their mission in the west).

Biology and Buddhism

It seems that his holiness, the Dalai Lama, was given free reign over much of his time as a child living in the palace. There he roamed the palace rooms full of treasures, gifts from leaders across the world, and in one room he found a telescope. The Dalai Lama was curious and his tutors allowed his intelligence to lead his interests so that he developed an awareness and knowledge of the stars and science, previously not offered in Buddhist education. From that spark, he found his way to microscopes and became curious about cells and molecules and his curiosity led to a deeper desire to understand the world and science and hence, a deeper experience of Buddhism.

Intelligence and Attention

The child Dalai Lama was monitored by loving monks whose job was to develop in him an aesthetic sense of his place in the world, and to develop skills he would need to lead his people in both the spiritual and political life of Tibet. Nonetheless, he was allowed to drift and come upon what interested him. The same is true today. A story is told of him visiting Emory Hospital for a meeting. In order to get to the meeting, he had to walk down a long hall lined with people waiting for medical services. The Dalai Lama stopped to say something to every person in the hallway. That kindness is his natural inclination no matter who is waiting for him. The Emory escort finally had to insist the Dalai Lama conclude his visiting in the hallway in order to attend the meeting. It is my suggestion that his narrow attention to one thing appears to be a distraction to observers. His impulsive nurturing would be viewed as disruptive to some while others would see it as a kind behavior.

While the Tibetans are in exile, their leader pays attention to a compassionate relationship with Chinese oppressors. In so doing, he exports the Buddhist values of attention in its many forms, meditation as a type of healing attention, and exemplifies how to use attention in a difficult world.

It is a rare privilege today for our children to pay attention to what they are really interested in. Can you remove from your homes or their sports activities one of their daily distractions and observe how they then choose to use their attention? There may be a few ruffled feathers at first but with patience and nurturing your child may develop a new interest that cultivates their developing mind. In what room in your home will they discover their strengths and personal interests?

Your Attention Coach

Maureen Nolan



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Head Injury and ADHD

Early Head Injury Plagues Life

In the early ’60’s my family moved to Atlanta from Ohio. A year later we were traveling back north to visit family, driving on a two-lane highway just outside of Nashville, TN. A blinding southern rainstorm hit just before we were to drive over a ravine. Skidding on the unfamiliar road, the car hit head-on into another car just as we approached the bridge.

All five of us were injured: my sister in the front passenger seat hit the windshield but her seat belt saved her life. My mother slammed into the steering wheel, losing her spleen. Lying flat in the station wagon back, my father and younger sister broke their backs sliding in to the back of the front seat. I snapped my head into the metal ridge back of the front seat, breaking my nose.

Head injury wasn’t really understood the way it is in this decade. I now know I suffered a head trauma as probably did my father and both sisters. Since I was already a classic hyperactive ADHD child (undiagnosed) it may have been hard for anyone to notice a difference. Or, in a morbid way maybe all of us were similarly injured so who could tell the difference?

What Is the Treatment for Head Injury?

How Do You Turn It Back On?

This is where I am in my journey. How can I treat an old head injury? Clients ask for alternative resources for ADHD treatments in the Atlanta area. Where can they go? What kind of treatment is available that doesn’t include pharmaceuticals? Other than coaching and western medicine what can I, as a coach practitioner recommend? This is a challenge as there are no guarantees in service. So, I do not make recommendations to some of the new brain therapies springing up around the city. Personal research-based recommendations are the only ones I’ll suggest.

This week I was drawn to visit Dr. Gedaliah Genin, a Marma practitioner in Atlanta, Ga. Quite separate from the reason I sought her services, at the end of the session she asked if I had had a head injury. Stunned by her question, I recalled for her the family trip story and my injury. She shared that I had disconnects in energy in my pre-frontal cortex and scattered activity in the back of my skull both of which she repaired for me energetically.

Since learning about living with ADHD, to it I may now add head injury. And while seeking treatment for one I may find some healing for both. I’m hopeful and happy that if I have to have a head injury, I live in a time when alternative brain-based, energy-based treatments are better understood and available.

Maureen Nolan
Your Attention Coach
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