Maureen Muses on Attention

Musings on Attention
Maureen’s Musings on Attention

What Is Attention?

Attention¬†is as important as Food, Shelter, and Clothing. Without attention, it’s not possible to obtain and keep the necessities of life. For instance, can you provide food, shelter, and clothing for your family when you don’t think clearly? Maureen has a specialty working with clients with attention challenges including those recovering from concussion syndrome.

Maureen sees the time when students entering school will be tested for their hearing, their vision, and for their attention. Without food, we can’t pay attention any more than we can read the school board if we need glasses. Attention is intricately linked to both and is critical for academic success.

Maureen Nolan, M.A.C.C. is a therapist and life coach who specializes on how to live with and thrive while managing your attention and ADHD/LD. She works in Decatur, Georgia and on the phone. Her clients range from local to Dubai. Maureen is only a phone call away for your questions on your state of attention.

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