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I live transparently with ADHD. You’d eventually suspect it even if I wasn’t transparent! My passion is supporting the growth and development of those surviving and of course, thriving while living with ADHD.

It is my intent to create an ongoing bi-weekly ADHD personal growth and management coaching/therapeutic group for mental health care practitioners whose lives and practice are impacted by the quixotic nature of their ADHD behavior and emotions. This group will be a safe place to bring your concerns and to brainstorm in the confidence that you are valued for your differences.

This ongoing practitioners’ ADHD AWARENESS group will focus on creating a nurturing space for in-depth & interpersonal connection and growth. It is intended to support and help manage emotions and behavior through community engagement, coaching, and therapeutic knowledge of some of the personal ADHD-related mysteries. I will share my professional ADHD resources throughout.


Both Diagnosed and Undiagnosed Practitioners (who think they live with ADHD but don’t want a Diagnosis) or Undiagnosed with a Diagnosed Spouse. There is the opportunity to create two groups: one for self with ADHD alone and one for partners with ADHD diagnosed other. Please identify which group best describes you.


There is a 6-session commitment, with attendance every other week for 90 minutes. Group members can re-enroll any time for an additional 6-session commitment. Missed sessions cannot be made up due to the unique group nature of each session. Each participant will schedule a short preliminary phone consultation with me. An ADHD diagnosis is not necessary. Why you ask? If you feel like you live with ADHD and are curious to find out more about it, this is a good place to be curious and private. An underlying personal goal of mine is for more practitioners to be ADHD AWARE.


The fee for 6-90 minute groups is $65/session or $390.


  • 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month September 19, 2017
  • 6:30 – 8:00 pm. You can bring your dinner to the meeting.

    Sessions will begin and end on time.


315 W Ponce de Leon Ave, Ste 820, Decatur, Ga 30030

Parking is available for free on the driveway in front of the building at 6 pm.
Interested individuals may initially contact me directly by email at with any questions AND to schedule a phone consultation.

Confidential ADHD AWARENESS is the beginning of new and ongoing personal growth

and of the creation of supportive resources. You are not alone.

Maureen Nolan, LAPC, MACC, NCC

Specialist in Neuro-Behavioral Therapy, ADHD/Spectrum, and Coaching Support

Therapy provided under supervision/direction of Dr. Claudia Crenshaw, A.P.R.N., LPC, A Woman’s Space, LLC

A Woman’s Space, LLC



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The Five Senses of Time

How Does Time Taste, Smell, Feel, and Move in Your Life?

Can Elmo Taste Time?

Can Elmo Taste Time?

“There was a smell of Time in the air tonight. He smiled and turned the fancy in his mind. There was a thought. What did time smell like? Like dust and clocks and people. And if you wondered what Time sounded like it sounded like water running in a dark cave and voices crying and dirt dropping down upon hollow box lids, and rain. And, going further, what did Time look like? Time looked like snow dropping silently into a black room or it looked like a silent film in an ancient theater, 100 billion faces falling like those New Year balloons, down and down into nothing. That was how Time smelled and looked and sounded. And tonight-Tomas shoved a hand into the wind outside the truck-tonight you could almost taste time.”

— Ray Bradbury (born August 22, 1920), The Martian Chronicles

Be as multi-dimensional as you can be as you create a new relationship with time.

Contact Maureen Nolan at 404-713-0488 or for a new relationship with the time in your life.

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Dollars in the Bank of Life – How Do You Spend It?

Attention is Money
In the Bank

Attention Is Money In the Bank of Life

Lizzie is getting close to retirement. Her professional career has been in the same organization but her assignment changed recently. She went from working for one professional to work for up to 100 different people. Lizzie has a new task assignment system to manage and is now working with a pool of similar professionals – all tasked to work together. They all need to interact regularly for the completion of their individual part of each project, working in the same small space except when they work at home.

This is a lot of change in her life. Lizzie is very smart, a well-educated and highly motivated, social and communicative person. For each conversation about a project, it easily commutes into more time spent on catching up on local and personal interests. Additionally, she is the group information reservoir. She is consulted on aspects of the work that the other members don’t have working history to pull from.

Guess what?!! Lizzie is working overtime everyday/all week and she is exhausted and her time management is in the can.

Can you relate to this scenario? What would you do to get your time back?

  • I suggested she track her time for a week – work time and social time while at work.
  • Then we created the use of a whiteboard in her cubicle. Lizzie wrote down all the questions she had for each team member on the board. As they came up to her she explained her new system; she asked them when during the day they could go over their list of questions together.
  • She also made plans to have lunch with each person for her socializing.

What are you willing to do to get your time back? Do you think of time as money or time as something else? Let me know how you want to spend your time.

Call 404-713-0488 for a consult on your time management situation.


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Use Your Personal Strength for Accomplishing Tasks

What is your Personal Strength?

Can you remember to do three things in a row?

Or, can you remember one thing? But then you remember to go back to the list to find the next one on the list?

Either solution resolves the need to accomplish three tasks but uses the natural strength of an individual. Call it personal style or maybe a brain preference. Each person has a natural problem-solving rhythm.

Working Together We Find Your Strengths

I suggest clients work with either solution. Sometimes that causes a problem in a relationship where another person wants a task done just one way. What would be your suggestion? I can think of a couple; let the other person do the task, or do it your way and thank them for their input. Either solution is strength-based for one person and solution-based for everyone. Communication is the key.

Do you want to learn more about strength resolution situations?

Call Maureen Nolan at 404-713-0488 or email for a private session to resolve your need to work with your strength in any situation.


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ADHD and Wheat/Gluten Sensitivity

Wheat is Not My Friend

Going Gluten-Free Changed Some of My Attention Challenges

Celebrating 3 Years Pain-Free

New Mental Clarity a By-Product of Being Gluten-Free

Disclaimer: I’ve waited almost four years to share this personal story so I could be sure of the relationship between going gluten-free and a new mental clarity.  And, I’ve waited to share a ppt presentation on gluten for the same reason. Open at the end of the blog.

In November, 2013 I attended a world-wide gluten summit. For seven days, I listened to MDs, PhDs, MAs, and other professionals speak about the dangers of gluten consumption for humans. Wheat is just fine for animals like cows since they have several stomachs to process the protein otherwise known as wheat. But I have only one stomach and wheat just goes right through me causing pain, discomfort and brain fog that can last up to 24 hours or more. I spent many mornings of my childhood through adulthood feeling sick after eating cereal and bread products. It was so normal I didn’t even question my pain.

I believed I caught the flu a lot because of the frequent experience of a sudden onset of the gluten-induced, flulike symptoms. For me, eating gluten can cause nausea, vomiting, and intense diarrhea and bloating. I have missed out on a lot of fun due to this allergy. More than that, I have been imposing gluten-induced inflammation on my body. And brain inflammation is related to the onset of dementias, one type of which caused my father’s death.

My dad had a dementia called Pick’s Disease. It was an ugly experience for the whole family and I think it hurt him too. When I attended the gluten summit it was out of general interest because I heard that ADHD and gluten may have a relationship. But, I learned that the sticky protein known as gluten causes brain inflammation, and brain inflammation is related to dementia. I knew I had no choice but to go off gluten because of my genetics. At 64, I want to be healthy and happy and enjoy my family. I don’t want them to ‘take care’ of me in my old age.

I went off gluten almost four years ago.

The short story is that within 18 months after eliminating gluten, I knew it was an excellent life choice. I felt better than in my whole life. But if I ate gluten, which I occasionally would at the smell of a chocolate cookie, I would have another gut attack. Now, I am 100% gluten-free and I am in much better mental shape. I have very little brain fog now rather than all the time. It’s my experience that the health of my gut influences the health of my brain.

But, and it’s a big but, I still have my baseline ADHD symptoms.

For me, going gluten-free has cleared the brain fog that made my ADHD symptoms worse but it is not an ADHD cure!

There are now many gluten-free options, with the best-being lots of veggies. I’ve even found a recipe for cauliflower pizza ‘dough!’

Please take ten minutes to review the following power point on gluten. Let me know what decisions you make after watching it. Does it influence your gluten consumption?

To your good brain health. Try going gluten free. You might like it!

Maureen Nolan, Atlanta ADHD Coach and Therapist

Wheat and ADHDppt

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