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Would You Like to Parent More Effectively?

YES!  Modern parents make more decisions in an hour than their parents made in one day. I believe parents can develop a positive life-long relationship with their children while parenting with emotional resilience. Working together or singly, parents can become skilled in communicating with their partners as they coordinate and apply new, collaborative, and consistent parenting practices.

Raising children is complex. Parenting successfully in families challenged by ADHD symptoms requires the education and involvement of both parents. Parents tend to default under stress to the various practices their parents used whether effective or not. And, even if those practices were effective at that time,  in our current day and time, they might not be working as you expected! Especially problematic is applying old discipline techniques with your ‘connected’ child who lives with the emotional distractions of social media!

These days, successful parenting requires emotional resilience but how do you practice good parenting where there is an atmosphere of family chaos and unresolved issues to deal with?

In my practice,  parents to work with me to develop new attitudes, behaviors, and support systems.

Maybe you find yourself:

Wondering, “Why isn’t my child motivated like I was?”
Questioning,  “What to do about social media, social media, and social media.”
Worrying, “Oh No, my child is behaving a lot like me!”

Parents often seek help when they remember how tough life was for them when they were children, committed to not making the same mistakes as their parents did.

Sound familiar?

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