ADHD Coaching

My ADHD coaching is connected, creative, and interactive. I offer clients compassionate practical suggestions in all areas affected by ADHD. We address their various challenges of life and acknowledge the impact of what it’s like to live in their current situations.  Our Solution-Focused sessions include an evaluation and coaching on Executive Function, which includes challenges in memory, organization, impulsivity, and emotional fluctuation. Deficits in executive function impact relationships at home, school, and work.

My approach to coaching is directed by the clients.  What are their experiences and their perspectives? My work is oriented toward the development and achievement of Their goals.

Clients are encouraged to come with their intentions for each session. Do their beliefs work for them? Have they reached the edge of their survival skills with a need to thrive in a different way? Homework is often included as a  part of the process.

I believe that change is good – we develop resilience when we change our limiting beliefs. The desire to make needed changes is a personal strength and is one of the reasons seek help. They want to change, take charge, recover, heal, and be confident in their decision-making, self-direction, and overall success.

Types of Clients Seeking  ADHD Coaching


In the 18 years since I began my professional education in ADHD coach training, I learned about the personal impact of ADHD on my family. I have coached newly diagnosed adults and emerging adults (18-25). One 67-year-old man was hugely relieved when diagnosed with ADHD as he saw his behavioral struggles were not personal failures. Instead, his diagnosis gave him a new set of tools that he could apply to create a life he loved.


When one person in a family has ADHD, everyone has ADHD. What does that mean? It means everyone may suffer, get irritated, or be slighted in some way as the squeaky wheel gets more attention. I work with parents of young children on executive function challenges, and answers questions parents and siblings need to address to recover from family chaos. I  offer both family coaching and therapy. Parents can make small changes that have a big effect on their home environment after just one session.


Older children are coached on a path of self-advocacy, a critical skill for their future success. Sessions begin lasting one hour a week and may move quickly to 2-25 minute sessions as the student progresses in their personal successes.

College students require a lot of attention/executive function training. Can they juggle this new responsibility and be successful in all areas? Yes. But it takes a while to learn such skills and abilities as:

  • How to identify and avoid situations that produce non-productive behaviors
  • How to schedule their academic requirements and deal with their daily lives with success

The best time to work with me on ADHD issues is when your student is still in high school. This allows for the best results before attending college.


Teachers are under a time crunch/assault in the classroom with hours of legal requirements to meet that put your ADHD student at academic risk. What to do? Help your teacher learn how to manage ADHD behaviors in the classroom.

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