ADHD Coach

ADD Coaching is:

  • humanistic in nature. Clients are accepted unconditionally in their presenting situation.
  • a collaboration and partnership. I honor your experience and perspective.
  • discovery. Are the present beliefs working for you?
  • about movement – guiding you to be in the flow of your life and toward the development and achievement of your goals.
  • affirming of your right and capacity for self-direction.
  • facilitating your goals.
  • supporting of self-initiation.
  • preparatory – what will you do when x happens?
  • intentional.
  • reflective.
  • affirmative.

Coaching is based on a Five Stage Model for Change

1. precontemplation

2. contemplation

3. Preparation

4. Action

5. maintenance

Coaching is carried out in a safe environment for

change to occur by:

  • Promoting insight
  • Promoting self-evaluation
  • Making a commitment to act
  • Identifying and avoiding situations that produce non-productive behaviors (i.e., being late)
  • Using rewards for goal attainment
  • Role playing
  • Exploration of the problem/challenge from a different perspective
  • Encouraging self-advocacy
  • Encouraging supportive relationships both professional and personal

This definition of ADD Coaching describes the backbone of a coaching relationship. It is derived from a presentation at CHADD National Conference 2009 in Cleveland, OH developed by Sandy Maynard.