ADHD and Wheat/Gluten Sensitivity

Wheat is Not My Friend

Going Gluten-Free Changed Some of My Attention Challenges

Celebrating 3 Years Pain-Free

New Mental Clarity a By-Product of Being Gluten-Free

Disclaimer: I’ve waited almost four years to share this personal story so I could be sure of the relationship between going gluten-free and a new mental clarity.  And, I’ve waited to share a ppt presentation on gluten for the same reason. Open at the end of the blog.

In November, 2013 I attended a world-wide gluten summit. For seven days, I listened to MDs, PhDs, MAs, and other professionals speak about the dangers of gluten consumption for humans. Wheat is just fine for animals like cows since they have several stomachs to process the protein otherwise known as wheat. But I have only one stomach and wheat just goes right through me causing pain, discomfort and brain fog that can last up to 24 hours or more. I spent many mornings of my childhood through adulthood feeling sick after eating cereal and bread products. It was so normal I didn’t even question my pain.

I believed I caught the flu a lot because of the frequent experience of a sudden onset of the gluten-induced, flulike symptoms. For me, eating gluten can cause nausea, vomiting, and intense diarrhea and bloating. I have missed out on a lot of fun due to this allergy. More than that, I have been imposing gluten-induced inflammation on my body. And brain inflammation is related to the onset of dementias, one type of which caused my father’s death.

My dad had a dementia called Pick’s Disease. It was an ugly experience for the whole family and I think it hurt him too. When I attended the gluten summit it was out of general interest because I heard that ADHD and gluten may have a relationship. But, I learned that the sticky protein known as gluten causes brain inflammation, and brain inflammation is related to dementia. I knew I had no choice but to go off gluten because of my genetics. At 64, I want to be healthy and happy and enjoy my family. I don’t want them to ‘take care’ of me in my old age.

I went off gluten almost four years ago.

The short story is that within 18 months after eliminating gluten, I knew it was an excellent life choice. I felt better than in my whole life. But if I ate gluten, which I occasionally would at the smell of a chocolate cookie, I would have another gut attack. Now, I am 100% gluten-free and I am in much better mental shape. I have very little brain fog now rather than all the time. It’s my experience that the health of my gut influences the health of my brain.

But, and it’s a big but, I still have my baseline ADHD symptoms.

For me, going gluten-free has cleared the brain fog that made my ADHD symptoms worse but it is not an ADHD cure!

There are now many gluten-free options, with the best-being lots of veggies. I’ve even found a recipe for cauliflower pizza ‘dough!’

Please take ten minutes to review the following power point on gluten. Let me know what decisions you make after watching it. Does it influence your gluten consumption?

To your good brain health. Try going gluten free. You might like it!

Maureen Nolan, Atlanta ADHD Coach and Therapist

Wheat and ADHDppt