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You have a project that requires writing.

Your time is worth $$$x.00 and it takes way too much time to write. For your money, you writing is not cost-efficient.

  • You want a writer/editor on the job.

You have an email to write that will change the course of your work life.

It is too easy to insert inappropriate emotions.

  • You need an editor/writer to compose the perfect email.

Your Attention Coach Pays Attention to Your Writing Needs

Maureen Nolan
Maureen Nolan
Writing Coach

Everyday, your attention is pulled to many things at once.

Truly, no one can do everything our modern world demands of our attention in the brief time we have.

 I do not believe in multi-tasking. I do one thing at a time and I do it well.

I have studied and written about and for client’s professional project needs since 1984.

In fact, in 1984 I wrote the letter to the International Olympics Committee (IOC) while working for an Atlanta, Georgia architectural firm that was the first point of contact for Atlanta’s bid to their being awarded the 1996 Olympics.

  • Does your success count on empowering communication?
  • What does your writing style say about you?
  • Do you waste expensive hours developing the perfect blog, document, or email?
  • Does your writing produce the results you want?

Here’s a tip:

Important emails with an attitude waste your resources. Say it straight using just the facts.

My editorial experience is for trade magazines, newsletters, blogs, and articles including research articles. My clients request support in

  • writing
  • WordPress maintenance
  • editing
  • idea generation
  • proposals
  • grant writing
  • project summaries and
  • marketing.

Writing is an Art

Clients prefer my sense of rhythm and timing to help them be expressive yet on-topic.

They require language that communicates with style and content.

What are your writing deadlines this

  • Week
  • Month and
  • Quarter

that will benefit from another perspective?

I provide writing, editing, coaching and project services for older students and adults. My specialty is creating the ‘software of the pen.’

Call Maureen Nolan, Your Attention Coach, for your writing/editing needs.