Follow Threads of Attention: Find the Creative Beginning

Threads Are Like Thoughts, There’s A Beginning and an End

Threads Come in Different Sizes

In my Your Attention Coach blog on Energy Transitions, the thread of thought in the article was that for people living with ADHD, even moving from room to room in a home, office, or school is a transition. And transitions are thought disruptive. You don’t have to go from house to car to forget your intention for as a client said, ‘it’s a transition for me just to turn around in a room.’

ADHD Coaching is like following threads and sometimes I hold on for dear life to a client’s thread of thought. They can be thin threads or thick cords: each has its cognitive and conversational challenges. I like to refer to these client sessions as creative.

Conversations in ADHD coaching are like fabric as some have great texture and turn in to an extraordinary garment. Some are threadbare and a client wants to learn how to fill in the spaces. Oh, and then there are the fragmented ones, the ones torn, cut, or in some way damaged. I handle those with care and delicacy.

Do Friends or Co-Workers Have Trouble Following Your Thoughts?

‘How do you think?’ I was once asked by a co-worker. Flattered for the question and the seeming attention I went on to respond at great length, somewhat distracted and certainly not providing the answer she was looking for. Finally, I asked her why she wanted to know how I thought. ‘Well, I just can’t figure out how to connect with you so you can get things done,’ she replied.

Whoa! Flattened, that meant I was difficult to work with and I felt my core fray and frazzle while I stuttered and looked away.

Does this sound like you?

That is my life before my ADHD diagnosis.

Since then, I’ve been diagnosed with ADHD, become an ADHD coach, and received coaching. I can create a coherent conversational idea now and check in with my partner to see if I’m being followed or if I need to restate my thought without beating myself up.

Does this sound like you? Can you find the beginning and end of your thought threads?

Contact Maureen Nolan, ADHD Coach and together we’ll unravel your thoughts for peace of mind and clarity in communication.