Transitions are an ADHD Challenge Right in Your Own Home

Energy Transitions Moving from Room to Room

My client remarked in session this week,

‘It’s a transition just for me to turn around and go to the next room!’

ADHD Coaching is the best job. I get to ask questions and I hear the most interesting comments. This client answered a question I hadn’t asked, like in Jeopardy:

A – ‘It’s a transition just for me to turn around and go to the next room!’
Q – What is the most frequent transition you manage?

Now I know why we forget what we’ve gone to retrieve from the next room – it’s an energy transition. It doesn’t even have to do with working memory but working energy fields. This is a topic for the physicists among you. Can you translate the energetic experience of leaving one room and entering another? Who among you will create an algorithm for me?

Living Styles are Designed for Forgetfulness

Red themed family space

Room decorators go to great design lengths to make the rooms in homes distinct in character and in a feeling essence. And those of us without decorators also try to have each room breathe a little different energy. To at least have some consistency in a theme, I put something red in every space, you know, to tie the spaces together thematically. But I never thought of tying them together for my memory issues. Does feng shui address this issue? I’ll google it and let you know.

What room transition design have you employed for your personal energetic consistency and capacity to remember? So you may walk from room to room and not forget your mission to find the scissors. How about a painted line from room to room?

Do you find yourself walking from room to room with your head down so you don’t get distracted before arriving in just the next room? What happens when you go under an archway? Don’t archways symbolize arrival, change, adventure and, ‘oh dear, what was I thinking about? Why am I here?’

I’m Distracted.

I’m Impulsive.

I’m Inattentive.

I’m Hyperactive.

I’m forgetful, too.

Do you design your life around your ADHD energies? Unlike traveling from our living rooms to our bedrooms, what is the attention theme that makes it possible for your transitions to keep you on track?

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