Decisions Based on Old Dreams

Are Your Old Dreams Cycling Back?

Fresh out of high school, my intention was to become a counselor and work with students. Then I had my first course in statistics and changed majors to drama! Then to English. Then, years later I enrolled in my first master’s program in architecture at Georgia Tech (I had finally passed statistics and physics!). After a year I realized I was being trained not to sleep so I became a magazine editor. (Do you see an attention pattern?)

I’ve been a Communications Specialist, artist/crafter, a medical secretary (throughout college), a restaurant manager, a church office manager, a clothing designer, seamstress, a jewelry designer, leather clothing designer, an upholsterer, and a writer/editor.

Having cycled back around, I have been an ADHD Coach for eight years and am presently enrolled in a master’s program in community counseling, finishing a forty year dream circuit, working with students and adults. What is your Dream Circuit, something you can cycle back in to, something you left behind but never really forgot? Were you into insects as a child, dirt was interesting back then and now you still feel it calling? The arts?

Whatever your age, you can cycle your dreams and GO FAR

Gather information
Organize your goals
Focus your attention
Activate and energize
Reboot and cycle back
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