People Need Help with Practical Solutions

My Attention Coaching Helps People…

  • who live with ADHD and are …                                                                ♥looking for answers
  • who live with people with ADHD and are…                                          ♥looking for hope
  • who work with people with ADHD and are…                                       ♥looking for stress relief
  • who like and are attracted to people with ADHD and are…              ♥looking for solutions and new relationships
  • who have children with ADHD and are…                                              ♥looking for academic success
  • who are creative, resourceful and fun and are…                                    ♥looking for ways to be fully expressive
  • My Attention Coaching Helps People to be Empowered in

  • relationships
  • business and
  • academics
  • Does That Sound Like Something You Want? Read on…

    Attention Coaching helps people find solutions to challenges from their ADHD who:

    • are always late

    and hurt the people they say they love

    • are disorganized

    and lose bills, keys, phones and business appointments

    • do not return phone calls

    and miss meetings, important messages and confuse their family and friends

    • forgets about people and projects not right under their nose

    and lose jobs, friends, family, opportunities and self esteem

    • are unhappy with inattention, distractions and disruptions

    and become depressed

    • may be hyperactive

    and think there is no help

    • are married to linear people who are confused

    and the marriage is on the rocks…for the last time

    • know people who are angry with them for unknown reasons

    but are willing to take another look at their behavior

    • do not organize

    and depend on everyone else to make things happen – are sucking the life out of their social group

    • are in pain

    and noone wants to hear about it anymore

    • needs hope

    and has the willingness to find coaching solutions

    • need solutions

    and are willing to become more of who they really are

    • live in fear

    but will make an appointment to start a new life of success.

    Contact ADHD Coach Maureen Nolan at 404-713-0488 or by email. Together we’ll discover how coaching will work for you.