A Calling, A Fit and A Personal Transformation

ADHD Coach – It’s a Calling

by ADHD Coach, Maureen Nolan, ACC, Your Attention Coach

I became what I always needed – an ADHD Coach.

I needed a coach during all my academic years, especially when in architectural graduate school I heard myself say, ‘I need a wife’.

I needed a coach when I transitioned from full time editor to full time mom. It was a hard transition.

I needed a coach anytime I was told – just do it; try harder; you’re not paying attention; that was stupid; you’re doing that on purpose; why can’t you do what I want you to do; you don’t follow directions; don’t put words in my mouth; I can’t take it anymore; why are you so sensitive; why can’t you do anything right; that’s wrong; you’re wrong and on and on.

Each time I heard negativity I took it to heart and believed it must be so because someone said it.

I’ve since learned I don’t have to believe anything anyone says about me and sometimes I don’t have to believe what I think about myself! This is a healthy result of excellent ADHD Coaching I’ve received and it’s my gift to you. My job is to find what you’re good at and remind you that is the essence of your self-esteem. You Are; You Be; You Rock; You Thrive with an ADHD Coach.

Be transformed through coaching. It happened to me and it can happen to you, too.