Recovery from ADHD Coaches Gathering

No, 72 ADHD Coaches in One Place Didn’t Forget Everything!

Back home to Decatur, Georgia one week after attending the third ADHD Coaches Organization conference and my brain is finally recovering from overwhelming stimulation of the best kind:

  • Excellent workshops about
    • ADHD
    • Autism Spectrum Disorders
    • ADHD and Weight Gain
    • Business
    • Attention
    • Technology
    • Neuroscience
    • Masterful Coaching
    • Referral Relationships
    • Tibetan bowls
    • Alternative treatments
  • Stimulating conversations about
    • New and old friends
    • Best coaching practices
    • Hotel food – Great!
    • International coaching
    • Writing about coaching
    • Wine
    • Travel
    • Certification
    • Families
    • New books in the field
    • Education and ADHD
    • Clinical practices
    • and on and on from morning through dinner
  • Opportunities for the future
  • The next ADHD Coaches conference in Chicago same place, first weekend in May, 2011?

I’ll be there. My workshop will be on ‘Recovery from Stimulation’.