Giving Away ADHD Coaching Secrets

It’s Time for Your Struggle to End

I’m giving it all away – bit by bit and blog by blog I’m disclosing everything I know about how to coach people with ADHD. It’s not a sale, or a gimmick but a change of life attitude about what people want and what I can do about it.

I became an ADHD Coach in Atlanta because I heard parents and family members and individuals talk about mis-managing lives, living in chaos, living in fear, living on the edge, living with addictions, panic, anxiety and being generally unhappy and confused. Not only that, but I was living in chaos and discovered that along the way to become an ADHD coach my life began to make sense.

My passion is coaching. I feel alive, happy, inspired, peaceful, invigorated and fulfilled when I coach. It’s is how I live God’s plan for me to be in service to humanity. This is no small thing to claim the energy of my life in alignment with the energy of creativity and the universe.


It’s simple but it’s not easy to disclose professional information because I’m talking in general terms. Be aware that your personal version of ADHD may not be similar so take away what you can use and leave the rest!

Stop! and Start Here

Have you been diagnosed? What is the value of diagnosis?

I talked with a parent yesterday who believes he has ADHD and is actually taking medication but is not diagnosed with ADHD. It’s a very ADHD thing to approach solutions like this. Sometimes it’s even part of the diagnostic process…if the medication makes a difference, you might have ADHD.

What was the value of your ADHD diagnosis?