Maureen Nolan says ‘ADD It UP to ADHD Coaching’

ADHD Coaching ADDs UP to Success

Atlanta, Georgia schools in the 1960’s did not recognize the relationship between ADD-ADHD and education. I was a straight C+ student, very quiet and reserved, not a problem to anyone (but myself): a classic female inattentive ADHD student.

My sister was a brilliant ADHD student, not very quiet and full of anger at the unknown  impact ADHD had on her life: a scholarship winner and summa cum laude college graduate. There’s no doubt our lives would have been different with early diagnosis and ADHD coaching for academic and symptom management and success.

Not much has changed in the ensuing thirty-five years. Students and ADHD go invisibly hand in hand but now there is Maureen Nolan, ACC an ADHD Coach to walk with clients with untreated ADHD symptoms, to coach and educate ADHD clients  .

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