International ADD-ADHD Coach Maureen Nolan, ACC

International Focus on ADHD Coaching as Personal Commitment

Maureen Nolan, ACC is an Atlanta ADHD Coach
She is a creative coach, small business owner and an active member of the ADHD Coaches Organization.
Maureen has taken extra ADHD Coach training by Jodi Sleeper-Triplett to become an EDGE Foundation Coach for academic success of students from ninth grade through a lifetime of academics.
Maureen believes in the healing aspect of coaching especially of ADHD coaching – not curing it but healing the impact of it on life’s decision making, through improved information processing, goal setting and personal achievement.

Experience and Passion for ADHD Coaching

Before forming the Your Attention Coach business, Maureen was a
  • former trade magazine editor and
  • Communications Specialist for a school for students K-8th grades with ADHD and LD, she also
  • edited Kids Enabled Magazine, an Atlanta-area resource that addresses the  challenges of caring for and teaching children with learning differences and
  • has been published in ADDitude Magazine.
  • She led ADHD support groups and ADHD coaching groups for goal achievement.

Maureen’s two adult children live with the impact of ADHD and are the reason she was similarly diagnosed and eventually became an ADHD coach. Her son is a graduate of Landmark College, a premier two-year college for students with ADHD.

Positive Thinking and ADHD Coaching

Maureen’s increased focus in attention coaching is an outgrowth of the Positive Thinking movement. Her coaching instructs clients in ADHD education with a belief that education is power:

as L.B. said ‘I learned more in one hour with Maureen about ADHD than in six months with my psychiatrist’.
She also believes in
  • collaborative relationships with all the support professionals a client brings to the relationship, or is referred to through their work together and
  • instructs clients in community building for their life-long support. In addition to the conventional education and training,
  • is interested in Graphology (Handwriting Analysis) as an assessment for attention – as attention is a state of consciousness that is expressed in handwriting.
Maureen Nolan, ACC, Your Attention Coach has practiced ADHD Coaching with bilingual clients, clients as far away as Dubai and is passionate about international ADHD coaching. ADHD does not distinguish among nations!