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Atlanta ADHD Coach is an Attention Expert

Atlanta ADHD Coach Maureen Nolan, ACC coaches adults and students with ADHD attention challenges. Maureen wants you to be focused, attentive and stimulated at home, at work, at school and at play. ADHD is marked by inattentiveness, distractibility and disruptive or hyperactive behavior that changes over time and with age. ADHD coaching clients are ready for change, for creating exciting life challenges and opportunities, are tired of their ‘status quo’ and don’t want to repeat their mistakes anymore. Maureen was trained in part by Jodi Sleeper-Triplett as an EDGE Foundation Coach (play her video below about coaching):

Call Atlanta ADHD Coach Maureen Nolan, ACC,  for ADHD Coaching to achieve direct goal accomplishment through focused attention to your passions, for creating your attention flow in any environment and for your focused pleasure in life. Maureen is an expert in coaching for your attention needs. Maureen Nolan, ACC is Your Attention Coach.