ADD – ADHD Coaching is a T.E.A.M. Experience





ADHD is a social diagnosis, meaning along with the diagnosis comes new relationships. When my son was diagnosed he was very social about it, raising his hand in class to share the good news with all his friends. That’s one kind of social that involves an already existing relationship group.

Along with an ADHD diagnosis other relationships are formed. There’s the psychiatrist who diagnosed the ADHD and may prescribe medications; the teacher/student relationship may change as the teacher comes to understand both the intent and the genesis of a student’s class behaviors; the therapist who works with the family; and the ADHD Coach who also works with the family and the client.

So, working Together, Everyone from the client to the coach Achieves Management.

What do you want managed?

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by Atlanta ADD Coach, Maureen Nolan, ACC, Your Attention Coach