People Need Help with Practical Solutions

My Attention Coaching Helps People… who live with ADHD and are …                                                                ♥looking for answers who live with people with ADHD and are…   […]

Giving Away ADHD Coaching Secrets

It’s Time for Your Struggle to End I’m giving it all away – bit by bit and blog by blog I’m disclosing everything I know about how to coach people with ADHD. It’s not a sale, or a gimmick but a change of life attitude about what people want and what I can do about […]

Are You Afraid of ADHD?

Don’t Let Fear of ADHD Keep You From Happiness with ADHD “Love is what we are born with. Fear is what we learn.” Marianne Williamson First Comes the Fear (with ADHD) My family of origin lived fear-based and many decisions were based on fear of something happening. I raised my own children that way. Don’t do that, you […]

International ADD-ADHD Coach Maureen Nolan, ACC

International Focus on ADHD Coaching as Personal Commitment Maureen Nolan, ACC is an Atlanta ADHD Coach credentialed in ADHD coaching by the ADHD Coaching Academy, certified ACC by the International Coaching Association, the only ADHD Coach in the country certified by Dr. David Grand in Brainspotting and studied Body/Mind Coaching, Positive Thinking and the Law of […]