Is It Consciousness or Unconsciousness that is the Source of Attention?

Which Came First to Attention: Consciousness or Unconsciousness? National Public Radio played an interview with Cal Tech scientist Cristoff Koch speaking on the source of consciousness. I looped around in my head for a while looking for a landing spot to store and process his concept. The best I could do was to believe he […]

Attention Workshop Starting in July

Create a New Relationship with Attention Our Energy/Attention Flows Naturally When We Live as Beings of Light Learn to Nurture Your Attention In this introductory workshop series we’ll use the ‘Living as Light’ workbook by Brent Baum for the 12 Principles of Manifestation. You’ll learn: the relationship between body/mind memories the value of DayDreams how […]

Business Daydreaming Believers

DayDream for Business Inspiration A small to mid-size business owner walks in the door for another day’s work bombarded by the office crisis du jour as well as customers calling and meetings beginning¬†to run late. How do you stay focused and what do you pay attention to first? and last? What has prepared your attention […]