Who Sees a Changed Mind?

Coaching Guides Change in Clients Do you remember the statue game? Someone would be It. The rest of us children would become the statues taking our positions around the yard. At an undetermined time, the It person would shout out ‘change!’ Then the children statues would change their position very quickly. Someone would be out – […]

Business Daydreaming Believers

DayDream for Business Inspiration A small to mid-size business owner walks in the door for another day’s work bombarded by the office crisis du jour as well as customers calling and meetings beginning to run late. How do you stay focused and what do you pay attention to first? and last? What has prepared your attention […]

Business Attention – Classroom Rules

Miscommunication – My Attention or Yours…and does it matter? Last week I was invited to speak at a local business networking group meeting. I had a couple of days to create my material as it was a last minute invitation. But that was fine and I met my Friday deadline sending off my material to […]