Attracted to Brains – Feeling Like a Zombie?

I’m attracted to anything with brains in it. A passing comment turned into ‘I’m attracted to anything with brains in it.’ Flashback to my tenth-grade science class: sitting next to my lab partner new from Cuba, I learned that people eat animal brains. It feels like she had a brain for snack food almost every […]

Does the Dalai Lama Live with ADHD?

Eastern Attention Develops in the West Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia is becoming known as Tibet West. Together with professors at Emory, the Dalai Lama has cultivated an academic exchange relationship spanning over twenty years. A goal of this academic and scientific collaboration of Emory professors and Tibetan monks is to develop a new scientific vocabulary […]

School and Calendars Are ADHD BFF

What The Research Says About Calendars Did you know that… Having and using a daily calendar has a major impact on whether students will meet their daily responsibilities like getting to appointments and completing homework and chores! Researchers taught a group of high school student to have and to use a calendar. Prior to the […]

Head Injury and ADHD

Early Head Injury Plagues Life In the early ’60’s my family moved to Atlanta from Ohio. A year later we were traveling back north to visit family, driving on a two-lane highway just outside of Nashville, TN. A blinding southern rainstorm hit just before we were to drive over a ravine. Skidding on the unfamiliar […]

Follow Threads of Attention: Find the Creative Beginning

Threads Are Like Thoughts, There’s A Beginning and an End In my Your Attention Coach blog on Energy Transitions, the thread of thought in the article was that for people living with ADHD, even moving from room to room in a home, office, or school is a transition. And transitions are thought disruptive. You don’t […]