Head Injury and ADHD

Early Head Injury Plagues Life In the early ’60’s my family moved to Atlanta from Ohio. A year later we were traveling back north to visit family, driving on a two-lane highway just outside of Nashville, TN. A blinding southern rainstorm hit just before we were to drive over a ravine. Skidding on the unfamiliar […]

Follow Threads of Attention: Find the Creative Beginning

Threads Are Like Thoughts, There’s A Beginning and an End In my Your Attention Coach blog on Energy Transitions, the thread of thought in the article was that for people living with ADHD, even moving from room to room in a home, office, or school is a transition. And transitions are thought disruptive. You don’t […]

People Need Help with Practical Solutions

My Attention Coaching Helps People… who live with ADHD and are …                                                                ♥looking for answers who live with people with ADHD and are…   […]

Giving Away ADHD Coaching Secrets

It’s Time for Your Struggle to End I’m giving it all away – bit by bit and blog by blog I’m disclosing everything I know about how to coach people with ADHD. It’s not a sale, or a gimmick but a change of life attitude about what people want and what I can do about […]