Can Parenting REALLY be Sane? YES!

Sanity School for Parents is what I needed 30 years ago! I’m trained and certified to help the current parenting generation to return to sanity. Modern parents have to make many more decisions than is fun.

Raising a complex child is, well, complex. Parents’ default is to return to the skills of and memories of their own experiences as a child. A ‘connected’ society requires more emotional resilience. Just try to apply any out of date skills with children who are not like you in a busy world with unmanageable distractions of social media. Why isn’t my child motivated like I was? Or, uh, oh, my child behaves a lot like me. What can I do in collaboration with my spouse’s ideas to manage a sense of chaos and distress as I prepare my child for the realities of the world?

Maureen Nolan, LAPC, MACC, NCC is the Atlanta area Sanity School for Parents trainer. I offer a 6-week in-person parenting workshop series with coaching support, in addition to coaching support for the on-demand 6-module webinar training program. Sanity School for Parents is designed to radically improve the lives of parents dealing with children with ADHD and related challenges. With this reality-based coach approach training, parents coping with complex kids become happier, more confident and successful. Maureen is also available for therapeutic support for parents who want something extra.

Contact Maureen at or call 404-713-0488 to RSVP a spot for your sanity!