Therapeutic Specialist in neuro-diverse attention challenges

Maureen Nolan, LAPC, MACC, NCC


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Maureen Nolan provides a broad base of therapeutic and coaching support for her clients that may result in:

  • your growth in attention awareness/mindfulness in all parts of your life
  • your personal emotional growth and your intentional change
  • your relief from excessive worry, stress, and anxiety symptoms

Are the details of your life getting all mixed up in your managing them?

Living with a chronic attention challenge gets worse under stress. Unmanaged, it may lead to depression, anxiety, panic, or to addictive tendencies. Your sleep and your diet may suffer, too.

3 common areas of attention deficits:

  • In Relationships (Partners, Families, Marriages, Business Decisions);
  • In Employment (Can you get and keep a job); and
  • In making time for fun. Do you have more or less fun than is good for you?

Are you creative? Artists, actors, producers, poets? Are you an athlete? Are you self-employed? Are you an engineer, a lawyer, or in the health field?

We can work on together and change the impact on your success in life while learning about your:

  • inattention
  • distraction
  • mental or physical hyperactivity
  • Executive function challenges such as
    • time management, organization, prioritization, decision-making
  • Academic and leadership challenges

Contact Maureen Nolan and together we’ll Co-Create a new way to manage your life!

‘Let’s set out together on an adventure for your self-discovery and life changes.’ 404-713-0488

Alice Walker’s Garden of Attention

I love driving on Friday nights in Atlanta’s springtime. Aside from the warm, flowery scents and breezes to enjoy, there are literary and arts events galore to attend. Emory University recently held an evening celebration to honor the poet/activist Alice Walker having shown the wisdom, sense of heritage and mission to preserve ‘unique materials of permanent […]

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Eating Disorders and Attention

Weight carries symbolic language; wait; tight; loose; overweight; heavy and flat: it is almost a dialect full of symbols of distraction and of personal and social interpretation. If you pay attention to the weight, what are you not paying attention to? What is weighing you down? Why, your feelings. “Metaphors transform unconscious patterns that hold […]

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Training for Distraction

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  Twenty minutes of sunshine and fresh air (with a little pollen) and three dogs are walked. They aren’t winded even though it’s been weeks since I’ve walked them. My boys thrive with attention. They don’t ask for much more than a daily routine of caring attention. The more attention they receive the more content […]

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Do Friends tell Friends ‘You Have ADHD’?

Yesterday I ran in to two ‘old’ friends at lunch. We talked about our children, what’s happened to each of us in the past few years and what we’re doing now. At one point one woman casually commented that ‘she had ADD’ as part of the conversation flow. When it got to my turn to […]

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