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ADD – ADHD Coaching is a T.E.A.M. Experience





ADHD is a social diagnosis, meaning along with the diagnosis comes new relationships. When my son was diagnosed he was very social about it, raising his hand in class to share the good news with all his friends. That’s one kind of social that involves an already existing relationship group.

Along with an ADHD diagnosis other relationships are formed. There’s the psychiatrist who diagnosed the ADHD and may prescribe medications; the teacher/student relationship may change as the teacher comes to understand both the intent and the genesis of a student’s class behaviors; the therapist who works with the family; and the ADHD Coach who also works with the family and the client.

So, working Together, Everyone from the client to the coach Achieves Management.

What do you want managed?

Call Atlanta ADHD Coach Maureen Nolan, ACC for more information about TEAM Coaching at 404-713-0488.

by Atlanta ADD Coach, Maureen Nolan, ACC, Your Attention Coach

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What is ADD Coaching?

ADD Coaching is:

  • humanistic in nature. Clients are accepted unconditionally in their presenting situation.
  • a collaboration and partnership. I honor your experience and perspective.
  • is discovery. Are the present beliefs working for you?
  • is about movement – guiding you to be in the flow of your life and toward the development and achievement of your goals.
  • affirming of your right and capacity for self-direction.
  • facilitating your goals.
  • supporting of self-initiation.
  • is preparatory – what will you do when x happens?
  • is intentional.
  • is reflective.
  • is affirmative.

Coaching is based on a Five Stage Model for Change

1. precontemplation

2. contemplation

3. Preparation

4. Action

5. maintenance

Coaching is carried out in a safe environment for change to occur by:

  • Promoting insight
  • Promoting self-evaluation
  • Making a commitment to act
  • Identifying and avoiding situations that produce non-productive behaviors (i.e., being late)
  • Using rewards for goal attainment
  • Role playing
  • Exploration of the problem/challenge from a different perspective
  • Encouraging self-advocacy
  • Encouraging supportive relationships both professional and personal

This definition of ADD Coaching describes the backbone of a coaching relationship. It is derived from a presentation at CHADD National 2009 in Cleveland, OH developed by Sandy Maynard.

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ADD Coaching for Attention

Do You Take Attention for Granted?

Want my attention?

Want my attention?

It sounds so simple – coaching for attention. We all have attention, but how often does it wander? Where does it go? Why? What does it matter? How does attention serve you? (I just stopped writing for a moment to send an email) (just answered the phone, too)

My attention is a commodity that I trade for attention, that I give to my loved ones, that is a source of my pleasure through its stimulating function. Prospective clients are looking for ways to anchor down their attention and to have it serve them better in their lives. On the other end of the spectrum are those who don’t want their attention and move toward addictions to avoid experiencing attention on parts of their lives that cause pain.

I coach for your attention. No longer do I take sweet young faces (my son, Matt for instance when he was young) between my hands and gently guide eyes toward mine for a chance at obtaining attention. Nor do I shout, plead, please, outline, wave, bump, throw, threaten, manipulate or initiate any other sort of attention grabbing activity. If you are my client we agree, disagree, negotiate, honor, value, respect and enjoy each other while working on your goal.

Together we understand your experience of attention; how and when it shows up and how and when it doesn’t. We coach to your strength (when it shows up) and allow the rest of your life to unfold. This is a glorious process of trial and error, cooperation, vision, mission, passion and acceptance. It is creative and sometimes mundane.

But ADD coaching works. When would you like to start coaching with me?

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