ADD – ADHD Coaching is a T.E.A.M. Experience

Together, Everyone Achieves Management ADHD is a social diagnosis, meaning along with the diagnosis comes new relationships. When my son was diagnosed he was very social about it, raising his hand in class to share the good news with all his friends. That’s one kind of social that involves an already existing relationship group. Along […]

What is ADD Coaching?

ADD Coaching is: humanistic in nature. Clients are accepted unconditionally in their presenting situation. a collaboration and partnership. I honor your experience and perspective. is discovery. Are the present beliefs working for you? is about movement – guiding you to be in the flow of your life and toward the development and achievement of your […]

ADD Coaching for Attention

Do You Take Attention for Granted? It sounds so simple – coaching for attention. We all have attention, but how often does it wander? Where does it go? Why? What does it matter? How does attention serve you? (I just stopped writing for a moment to send an email) (just answered the phone, too) My […]