Spanking Kids Leads to Adult Mental Illnesses

Dear Readers: I occasionally insert articles of personal interest on my blog. Below is the results of a research study on spanking. This one speaks to my heart as I was spanked and slapped as a child. And as I look back over my life, I realize I have been attacked in one physical way […]

Attention to MY Intentions in a Job

  It wasn’t my intention not to pay attention on the job…or was it? The ghastly job seemed to have all my attention. I worried about it; thought about it; dreamed about it; talked about it; stayed late; arrived early and in the end I was fired from it. But what was my intention during […]

ADHD Coach Adventure Blog as “Your Attention Coach”

ADD/ADHD Coach for ADDults and Students I coach clients about ADHD and attention – its utility and function in business and daily life. Using proven tools and personal management techniques with my busy clients, they CREATE more productive LIVES. I’m passionate about the internal arrangement of life, the working thoughts, the architecture of your mind […]