Use Your Personal Strength for Accomplishing Tasks

What is your Personal Strength? Can you remember to do three things in a row? Or, can you remember one thing? But then you remember to go back to the list to find the next one on the list? Either solution resolves the need to accomplish three tasks but uses the natural strength of an […]

It’s Never Too Late for Learning

Was I the ADHD Class Clown? Or was I just deaf? I was the class clown. Yep, 59 years old, in a master’s program in counseling and I had my fellow students roaring when I asked questions or replied to the professor. And I’m telling you, it hurt. OUCH. My questions and answers in class were important […]

ADHD Life can be Scripted by Ignorance


Ignorance is No Excuse! Following the law in the United States requires knowledge, not intuition. If you don’t know the law, it’s no excuse if you break it. When I was in Catholic school, a nun became angry when I broke a rule of hers. It didn’t matter that I didn’t know about the rule. […]

Writing Coach and Consultant

Coaching and Consulting for Non-Writers You have a project that requires writing. Your time is worth $$$x.00 and it takes way too much time to write. For your money, you writing is not cost-efficient. You want a writer/editor on the job. You have an email to write that will change the course of your work […]