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Maureen Nolan will be present at Enterprise Your Passion, Be Your Own Business, a workshop for Business Owners. For more information, link to See you there!

ADHD Awareness Week, Atlanta Style

The 16th-22nd of October, 2011 is

ADHD Awareness Week.

My personal, ADHD Coach campaign to raise ADHD Awareness this year includes two new offerings:

New Facebook Page, a new FB page for you to say to the world, I Am the Face of ADHD. All you need to join is life with ADHD or have someone in your life with ADHD. I plan to compile the photos of members in a universal collage of faces! Please join and say it proudly, ‘I Am the Face of ADHD.’

America’s Web Radio

I also have a recording of my recent radio interview on America’s Web Radio with Dr. Joan Teach about the 7 Myths of ADHD. Please share it with family and friends, listening to it to find a way to take immediate action to change your life.

Take Coaching Action

One way to take action is to hire an ADHD Coach. I coach in Atlanta, Georgia with equal benefits both in person and on the  phone with my ADHD clients, reaching clients across the country. Life Coaching with an ADHD twist makes a difference through strategic ADHD education, creating focused time management skills, decision-making strategies and my personal coach intervention all tailored to your specific needs.

For more information about Life Coaching with ADHD twist, contact Maureen Nolan, ACC, ADHD Coach at

Call Now for a 15% discount on your first coaching session. 404-713-0488





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Attention Workshop Starting in July

Create a New Relationship with Attention

Our Energy/Attention Flows Naturally When We Live as Beings of Light

Learn to Nurture Your Attention

In this introductory workshop series we’ll use the ‘Living as Light’ workbook by Brent Baum for the 12 Principles of Manifestation. You’ll learn:

  • the relationship between body/mind memories
  • the value of DayDreams
  • how to develop and explore your relatioship with attention and release your blocks to attention
  • how to apply this knowledge to business and relationships

Meeting each week for an hour and a half using group conversations and guided imagery/meditation techniques, we create an energetic relationship with attention. There will be reflections for in between sessions.

Where: Decatur, Georgia (location given on registration)

When: Wednesdays July 22, 29, August 5, 12, 19, 26

Time: 7 – 8:30 pm

Fees:  Registration payment deposit of $40 (using PayPal, $44)

Complete payment of $240 ($244 by PayPal) if after July 17, or by July 17 early bird payment of $180 ($184 by payPal)

For more information about this groundbreaking workshop, the first of its kind in Georgia contact Maureen Nolan at 404-713-0488 or email

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