Attention to Intuition

Where did the time go? Since my last post I’ve been distracted by the NC mountains, a town called Sylva and an area that easily distracts me from my first breath of fresh air in the morning ’til the weather shifts at night to cool me off for sleep. My attention to this country is […]

Attention to Your Emotions –

Are Your Emotions High Drama or Nothing at All? Do your family and friends pay an enormous amount of attention to your emotions or little at all? Does either reaction stimulate more or less emotion from you? What is the value of paying attention to emotions in your world? Do you have a choice? Growing up, […]

Business Attention – Classroom Rules

Miscommunication – My Attention or Yours…and does it matter? Last week I was invited to speak at a local business networking group meeting. I had a couple of days to create my material as it was a last minute invitation. But that was fine and I met my Friday deadline sending off my material to […]

ADD Coaching for Attention

Do You Take Attention for Granted? It sounds so simple – coaching for attention. We all have attention, but how often does it wander? Where does it go? Why? What does it matter? How does attention serve you? (I just stopped writing for a moment to send an email) (just answered the phone, too) My […]