Transitions are an ADHD Challenge Right in Your Own Home

Energy Transitions Moving from Room to Room My client remarked in session this week, ‘It’s a transition just for me to turn around and go to the next room!’ ADHD Coaching is the best job. I get to ask questions and I hear the most interesting comments. This client answered a question I hadn’t asked, […]

Attention Challenges Among the Indigenous

Do You See Attention in Everyone? by Maureen Nolan on December 6, 2011 I travel on PBS. Occasionally, by car. But usually through the nature and travel channels. Recently I ventured on U-tube to the Sierra Nevada mountains in Colombia, South America. Here, a flourishing First Nation group, the Kogi, live as an uninterrupted lineage […]

Stop Interrupting Me!

How Daddy Taught Us to Interrupt The supper table was Daddy’s pulpit. This is where we had his attention if only for an hour a day and we fought like cats and dogs to keep him engaged in our stories. And unlike a dog fighting trainer he sicced us on each other in a playful […]

Is It Consciousness or Unconsciousness that is the Source of Attention?

Which Came First to Attention: Consciousness or Unconsciousness? National Public Radio played an interview with Cal Tech scientist Cristoff Koch speaking on the source of consciousness. I looped around in my head for a while looking for a landing spot to store and process his concept. The best I could do was to believe he […]

Mindfulness and Attention – Are They Compatible?

What Is Your Mind Full Of? Attention is a state of grace and after losing my attention over and over again I want a better relationship with grace. Keeping my attention is like keeping God in my mind. What can be done to live in that attentional grace space? Two years ago the Dalai Lama […]