…and Now You Live

You’ve just received the scary or even expected news that someone you love lives with an Attention Disorder. What do you do now? …How Do You Live? You thought you were living until you learned about the professional diagnosis of ADHD… What do you do now?   Let Maureen Nolan guide you through the diagnosis […]

Teletherapy from My Home Office

Teletherapy and Your COVID-19/Mental Health AfterCare Has your life changed since COVID-19 occurred? Mine has. I shut my in-person office down and moved it home. Teletherapy was and is still the best choice for me. It is possible to feel the personal touch of the therapeutic relationship. My practice is full of people trying to […]

Parenting Skills

Parenting can really be sane! “The success of family management with children with ADHD Challenges rests with the education and involvement of their parents.” Today’s parents make more decisions than is fun. Private parent sessions provide a gentle and consistent way to develop a fulfilling parent/child relationship through the mindful practice of parental problem-solving using […]

ADHD Life can be ReScripted Out of Ignorance


Ignorance is No Excuse! Following the law in the United States requires knowledge, not intuition. If you don’t know the law, it’s no excuse if you break it. When I was in Catholic school, a nun became angry when I broke a rule of hers. It didn’t matter that I didn’t know about the rule. […]

Summer Bored? Assess Your Access to Summer Success!

What Does Boredom Feel Like? Boredom, part of life with ADHD, is a transient state of consciousness just as attention is a state of consciousness at the moment. Boredom is diabolical for families in the summertime and even vacations have a boredom factor (talk to my children). Do you remember the sense of boredom that […]