Teletherapy from My Home Office

Teletherapy and Your COVID 19/Mental Health AfterCare Has your life changed since COVID 19 occurred? Mine has. I shut my office down and moved it home. Over the course of the first year, I became depressed and took off six weeks to find the right mental health fit to address the unaddressed issues of my […]

Coaching for the ADHD Whispers

I am an ADHD Whisperer… I am your ADHD Whisperer…and I Hear Your Whispers ‘Do I have ADHD’, you whisper to yourself when no one can hear you. Why can’t I pay attention? What’s wrong with me? Why do people get so angry with me? What am I doing wrong? Maybe you have ADHD and if you […]

Who Sees a Changed Mind?

Coaching Guides Change in Clients Do you remember the statue game? Someone would be It. The rest of us children would become the statues taking our positions around the yard. At an undetermined time, the It person would shout out ‘change!’ Then the children statues would change their position very quickly. Someone would be out – […]