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Coaching for the ADHD Whispers

I am an ADHD Whisperer…

I am your ADHD Whisperer…and I Hear Your Whispers

‘Do I have ADHD’, you whisper to yourself when no one can hear you. Why can’t I pay attention? What’s wrong with me? Why do people get so angry with me? What am I doing wrong?

Maybe you have ADHD and if you do you are a survivor and it’s time to thrive.

I hear your whispers:

I’m afraid, I’m not smart, I’m confused, Something is wrong with me, I’ve felt like something is wrong for so long that nothing feels right anymore…

Your whispers are the real source of your strength. The opposite of every whisper is the truth…

I’m brave, I’m smart, I understand, All is right in my world. 


With a calm, down-to-earth, and natural manner, Maureen Nolan, LAPC aka the ADHD Whisperer connects to clients using methods like centering and deep breathing.  Her adept interpersonal skills permit Maureen to communicate to clients a new level of self-respect using the principle of Gradual Progress of Mind.  Capable of perceiving the nuances of body language and the movement of the brain, she helps clients develop a new belief in themselves and hope for the future.  She speaks a language built on respect and compassion, and every individual feels the confidence she has in him or her to be led out of the maze.

Maureen knows whispers are more important than yelling.

It is easy to compare the ADHD Whisperer to a horse or dog whisperer and the comparison is valid. A Whisperer uses his or her knowledge of the mammal brain and mind and gently applies it to the errant behavior being discussed. A client’s intentions behind the behavior are regularly misinterpreted by others in their lives causing grief and sadness. Maureen whispers that there is hope for the future.

ADHD is a human explanation of an irregularity in thought and movement. It shows up in a neuro-diverse person when least expected. Children and untreated adults do not know why they do the things they do but an astute observer like Maureen will discern the true nature of their intent and separate the truth from the myths or wild explanations that they have lived with for so long.


Contact Maureen Nolan, LAPC for your first Whisper session. 404-713-0488

My clients bring their secrets and sorrows, and their aspirations and challenges into our sessions. They are brave and bold enough to find out how to make changes in their lives. They are innately creative, resourceful, and strong and so are you.

Will you bring your whispers to life? Let your innate curiosity and creativity breathe and thrive with self-knowledge and new choices. What do you want? What do you need? Bring to life a new, true, and dynamic self by coaching with Maureen Nolan, LAPC.

I hear you whispering: Can Maureen help me? 

Call Maureen Nolan, LAPC now at 404-713-0488 and find out how she will help you. Coaching with Maureen is good for your health and your life.

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Who Sees a Changed Mind?

Coaching Guides Change in Clients



Do you remember the statue game? Someone would be It. The rest of us children would become the statues taking our positions around the yard. At an undetermined time, the It person would shout out ‘change!’ Then the children statues would change their position very quickly. Someone would be out – I think the one thrown out wouldn’t have heard the command or would be too slow or didn’t change enough. The winds of time have blown the details away.

What I remember though was the importance of changing. It was a physical shift that counted in the game. If I changed my mind it wouldn’t have counted. Who can see a changed mind?

People living with ADHD seem to have problems with change both mental and physical. Either they change behavior or their mind too much, too fast, or they change in ways that irritate people around them. The world expects their change to be smooth and easy and NOW.

Who is taught to change?

My Irish grandmother called every new behavior a stage. ‘Oh, it’s just a stage she’s going through.’ But stage or not, change is the point of living. Coaching teaches people how to change in ways the client chooses. Reported in an article on coaching in the ADHD Coaches Organization newsletter:

Coaching helps people in three ways:

1.A coach allows leaders to reflect about their decisions, and about themselves. A great many coaches used the term ‘awareness’ in describing the benefits of coaching.

2. People usually avoid difficult truths. Coaching brings reality front and center. As one coach put it: “Executives [ed. note: and many people with ADHD also] don’t have anyone to trust and tell the truthabout where they need development. ”

3. People don’t know how to change. A coach can guide a client to find replacements for behavior that’s not working.

Are you ready to change? Now? Now? OK, then when?

For ‘Change!’ call Maureen Nolan, Your Attention Coach


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