Decisions Based on Old Dreams

Are Your Old Dreams Cycling Back? Fresh out of high school, my intention was to become a counselor and work with students. Then I had my first course in statistics and changed majors to drama! Then to English. Then, years later I enrolled in my first master’s program in architecture at Georgia Tech (I had […]

Mindfulness and Attention – Are They Compatible?

What Is Your Mind Full Of? Attention is a state of grace and after losing my attention over and over again I want a better relationship with grace. Keeping my attention is like keeping God in my mind. What can be done to live in that attentional grace space? Two years ago the Dalai Lama […]

What is ADD Coaching?

ADD Coaching is: humanistic in nature. Clients are accepted unconditionally in their presenting situation. a collaboration and partnership. I honor your experience and perspective. is discovery. Are the present beliefs working for you? is about movement – guiding you to be in the flow of your life and toward the development and achievement of your […]

Napping Impacts Attention

Nap to Improve Business Relationships Remember when George Costanza in ‘Seinfeld’ had a bed built under his desk at work? It seems he wasn’t off the mark at all! Reported by Behavioral Health Care Journal this week, napping is now encouraged at the office for an increase in sociability. Finally, I can nap and quote a study […]