My Personal ADHD Challenges – FYI

Living with Some Degree of Transparency and Lots of Compassion There are life qualifications and there are academic qualifications leading to my choice of  professional ADHD Coaching. I choose to put some of my personal stories out here since my recovery from them are part of the reason I decided to coach people with ADHD. You […]

School and Calendars Are ADHD BFF

What The Research Says About Calendars Did you know that… Having and using a daily calendar has a major impact on whether students will meet their daily responsibilities like getting to appointments and completing homework and chores! Researchers taught a group of high school student to have and to use a calendar. Prior to the […]

Follow Threads of Attention: Find the Creative Beginning

Threads Are Like Thoughts, There’s A Beginning and an End In my Your Attention Coach blog on Energy Transitions, the thread of thought in the article was that for people living with ADHD, even moving from room to room in a home, office, or school is a transition. And transitions are thought disruptive. You don’t […]

Transitions are an ADHD Challenge Right in Your Own Home

Energy Transitions Moving from Room to Room My client remarked in session this week, ‘It’s a transition just for me to turn around and go to the next room!’ ADHD Coaching is the best job. I get to ask questions and I hear the most interesting comments. This client answered a question I hadn’t asked, […]

Summer Bored? Assess Your Access to Summer Success!

What Does Boredom Feel Like? Boredom, part of life with ADHD, is ‘a transient state of consciousness’ just as attention is a state of consciousness in the moment. Boredom is diabolical for families in summertime and even vacations have a boredom factor (talk to my children). Do you remember the sense of boredom that made […]