Do Friends tell Friends ‘You Have ADHD’?

Yesterday I ran in to two ‘old’ friends at lunch. We talked about our children, what’s happened to each of us in the past few years and what we’re doing now. At one point one woman casually commented that ‘she had ADD’ as part of the conversation flow. When it got to my turn to […]

The Excitement of Diagnosis of ADHD

My son Matt (whom you’ll read a lot about in my blog) raised his hand the first day of class after winter break in the 8th grade. ‘I’ve got ADHD’ he shared excitedly with the class. He couldn’t wait to tell everyone. He has a simple inattentive type but don’t get me wrong, it’s a […]

ADHD Coach Adventure Blog as “Your Attention Coach”

ADD/ADHD Coach for ADDults and Students I coach clients about ADHD and attention – its utility and function in business and daily life. Using proven tools and personal management techniques with my busy clients, they CREATE more productive LIVES. I’m passionate about the internal arrangement of life, the working thoughts, the architecture of your mind […]