Compassionate Therapy and Coaching


Maureen Nolan, LAPC, NCC, MACC under the supervision/direction of Dr. Claudia Crenshaw

Maureen Nolan, LAPC, NCC, MACC is a therapist whose clients create their body/mind/spirit healing with her compassionate guidance. They increase their emotional resilience through a trusted and confidential relationship with Maureen. Additionally, Maureen is a trained ADHD/Life coach with a neurodiverse practice since 2005. Adults and older students may have attention challenges and task or completion issues including time management and academic completion. Families discover how to work with individual strengths and challenges and to recreate the family structure to promote family cohesion. Sometimes personal desires, intentions, and capabilities can be strengthened and better understood by working together.

Maureen’s expertise is in accepting the pain and emotional challenges of life with untreated neurodiversity. Included are diagnoses such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism spectrum disorder (ASD) including previously named Asperger’s, as well as anxiety, panic, depression, PTSD, concussion recovery, addiction recovery, and other daily social, racial and family traumas.

Life Experience Leads to Professional Choice

Maureen Nolan believes in the value of a diagnosis for healing purposes and works with clients with/without diagnoses according to their needs. While a diagnosis changes nothing physiologically it changes everything emotionally and spiritually. Naming as a human ritual has historical significance from the beginning of man’s existence. To name is to make it other than oneself.

In a search for mental health and goal achievement, it is common to visit up to five or more professionals before finding someone with Maureen’s degree, licensing, professional development, life experiences, and brain-based insight. She applies her unique gifts to reset and reframe your attention to your life’s challenges. Her therapeutic/coaching process includes the latest science/brain-based information for goal achievement and mental healing using positive reinforcement of the smallest of successes.

Maureen sought assistance for her own emotional issues for over 20 years. At age 42, she was diagnosed with ADHD, depression, anxiety, panic, and various learning disabilities. At that moment, her life was reborn and she began to learn how to rebuild her life on her strengths, talents, and interests. Maureen is not her diagnosis any more than are her clients. At age 50 she reclaimed her artistic and creative soul as a personal strength and now she applies artistry and compassion in her professional relationships.

Maureen applies the tenets of Strategic Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT), of ADHD Coaching, of Mindfulness, and of Brainspotting for PTSD, trauma recovery, sports injury recovery, and academic slumps and for emotional reset in academics, creative arts, emotional resilience, and goal achievement. She supports families, students, and adults in their personal, vocational, spiritual, and hobby interests.

Maureen Nolan, LAPC, NCC, MACC
Celebrating 13 years of ADHD and Neuro-Atypical Spectrum Coaching Services. 
315 E Ponce de Leon Ave, Ste 540, Decatur, Ga 30030
Clincial Supervision/Direction provided by Dr. Claudia Crenshaw, Decatur, Ga.
Emotional healing growth through Brainspotting for those ‘whose problems represent the memory of suffering, rage, and pain in a world that longs to forget.’ Van der Kolk