I live transparently with ADHD. You’d eventually suspect it even if I wasn’t transparent! My passion is supporting the growth and development of those surviving and of course, thriving while living with ADHD.

It is my intent to create an ongoing bi-weekly ADHD personal growth and management coaching/therapeutic group for mental health care practitioners whose lives and practice are impacted by the quixotic nature of their ADHD behavior and emotions. This group will be a safe place to bring your concerns and to brainstorm in the confidence that you are valued for your differences.

This ongoing practitioners’ ADHD AWARENESS group will focus on creating a nurturing space for in-depth & interpersonal connection and growth. It is intended to support and help manage emotions and behavior through community engagement, coaching, and therapeutic knowledge of some of the personal ADHD-related mysteries. I will share my professional ADHD resources throughout.


Both Diagnosed and Undiagnosed Practitioners (who think they live with ADHD but don’t want a Diagnosis) or Undiagnosed with a Diagnosed Spouse. There is the opportunity to create two groups: one for self with ADHD alone and one for partners with ADHD diagnosed other. Please identify which group best describes you.


There is a 6-session commitment, with attendance every other week for 90 minutes. Group members can re-enroll any time for an additional 6-session commitment. Missed sessions cannot be made up due to the unique group nature of each session. Each participant will schedule a short preliminary phone consultation with me. An ADHD diagnosis is not necessary. Why you ask? If you feel like you live with ADHD and are curious to find out more about it, this is a good place to be curious and private. An underlying personal goal of mine is for more practitioners to be ADHD AWARE.


The fee for 6-90 minute groups is $65/session or $390.


  • 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month September 19, 2017
  • 6:30 – 8:00 pm. You can bring your dinner to the meeting.Sessions will begin and end on time.



Interested individuals may initially contact me directly by email at with any questions AND to schedule a phone consultation.

Confidential ADHD AWARENESS is the beginning of new and ongoing personal growth

and of

the Creation of supportive resources.

You are not alone.

Maureen Nolan, LPC, MACC, NCC

Specialist in Neuro-Behavioral Therapy, ADHD/Spectrum, and Coaching Support