ADHD Coach Adventure Blog as “Your Attention Coach”


ADD/ADHD Coach for ADDults and Students

I coach clients about ADHD and attention – its utility and function in business and daily life. Using proven tools and personal management techniques with my busy clients, they CREATE more productive LIVES. I’m passionate about the internal arrangement of life, the working thoughts, the architecture of your mind that makes up inspired attention development and design.

I am so excited to announce my new website/blog and brand new brand moniker, “Your Attention Coach“.  As one thing leads to another, over the past several months, I have been refining the message of what I do in my work to reflect a new direction towards a focus on Attention enhancement rather than the fix it mentality which fixes a “deficit”.

Daniel Pink

During this time I have also been reading Daniel Pink’s book, A Whole New Mind, on the importance of right brain dominance in our world today. Pink says more and more emphasis will be placed on individuals who have the ability to create and synthesize messages rather than the old dominance on the bean counters and widget tweakers.

Towards that end I went to see my friend Judi Knight to talk to her about my business cards and ended up right in the right place to not only get my business cards done but also a whole new blog site where I can organize all of my materials related  to the attention enhancement work I do. I am very excited to unveil this site and will be working on adding content to share with clients and their families.